Our Products

Experience the Futuristic Aesthetics

Carbon Fiber Accents

Make a bold statement with the front design featuring carbon fiber accents

Transparent Cover

Experience the luxurious touch with the transparent cover that is made out of Polycarbonate


Embrace the futuristic vibe with the overall cyber punk inspired design that will surely impress car enthusiasts

See Through

Gaze in wonder at the internal components of the BRIQ3-DIVO through its transparent design

More product features

Play Netflix / Youtube on your car screen

Feeling bored waiting in the car for your family? Have a good sound system but cannot play videos on your car screen? With KyeBriq now you can !

Convert wired Apple Carplay & Android Auto Wireless

Messy cables driving you crazy? You can now make your wired Apple Carplay / wired Android Auto wirelss ! Leave your phones in your pocket when you enter the car, super convenient !

Strong built in GPS allow the use of Google Maps & Waze

Unlike our competitors, we do not need to install a seperate external GPS module that will affect your warranty. Our Android Box are built in with strong GPS signals,

Blueetooth Enabled

Connects to Multiple Bluetooth Device, Bluetooth OBD, Bluetooth Mouse, Keyboard etc

SIM Card Slot

Plug in your Simcard to get mobile data over 2G/3G/4G Network, alternatively you can connect to your mobile hotspot too !

Plug and Play

Simple Installation, Plug into your Carplay USB Port and you are good to go ! Warranty Intact


8 Core Processor allows you to have a smooth and fast experience, not laggy at all !


Android 12 Operating System, supports GMS service framework

Google Playstore

Download other Video app such as HBO Go, Disney+ or even games to play on your car screen

Screen Mirror

Mirror your Iphone or Android Phone to your Car Screen

Micro SD Card Slot

Insert your Micro SD or TF Card to play videos and music offline



Plug KyeBriq to your Car's USB Carplay Port (compatible with both USB A / USB C)

Set Up

Do a one time set up following our Guide on our support page. Essentially setting up wifi, bluetooth and also login to your google account. netflix account etc


Thats it ! Enjoy all features on KyeBriq.

Cars with Kyebriq installed



Plug Q2 Lite to your Car's USB Carplay Port (compatible with both USB A / USB C)

Connect Bluetooth

Switch on WLAN & Bluetooh of your mobile phone, search for the Bluetooth name displayed on your car screen and connect.  


Thats it ! Enjoy Apple Carplay Wirelessly. It will automatically connect now every time you enter your car.

No more Cables

The Adaptors Connects your phone to the car via Bluetooth and Wifi

Superior Stability

Stable & Uninterupted Carplay Experience

Automatic Connection

Only Set up Once and it will be automatic after that


Free & Over The Air (OTA) updates

High Compatibility

Cars with Apple Carplay will be supported

Fast Connection

Fast Connection with the car <30seconds depending on the processing speed of your car