KyeBriq Android Box Setup 101 : Episode 1 | Convert your Wired to Wireless Apple Carplay

In this short video we are sharing a quick guide on how to do a 1time set up to connect KyeBriq to your Iphone. Note that KyeBriq is also able to connect to your Android Phone to create wireless Android Auto connection.

KyeBriq Android Box Introduction

Convert your Wired Carplay / wired Android Auto to wireless and watch YouTube and Netflix on your vehicle's orignal screen !

Note: This product only works for vehicles with factory Apple CarPlay ! Kyebriq Works with both Iphone & Android Phone.

⚙Product Functions⚙

  • Convert wired Apple Carplay to Wireless
  • Convert wired Android Auto to Wireless
  • YouTube/Netflix/Disney+/HBO Go/Prime
  • Built in GPS to use Google Map/Waze
  • Split Screen
  • Google Play Store
  • Android 9.0
  • Wireless iPhone & Android mirrorlink
  • Play movies and music from MicroSD Slot
  • SIM Card Slot that support 2G/3G/4G
  • Bluetooth for multiple device connection
  • Supports both Apple & Android phones.
  • Plug and play to USB carplay port,
  • No impact on warranty
  • Plays even when you are on the move

Find out more & order today on !

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KyeBriq Android Box for Car Introduction

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‼ The collaboration with Sam is excellent. Immediate response to all questions and suggestions. Always willing to listen and accommodate. Plus, the product he offers is flawless. I have done about 20 installations in different cars and everything has always worked on the first hook up. For me, only praise and can recommend.👍‼

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Which android carplay box are made for you?

BRIQ3-Divo is proud to run on the latest Android 13 operating system, delivering a smooth and seamless user experience in your car. With its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor and 8GB RAM, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, navigating with Google Maps, or playing music, BRIQ3-Divo will deliver a truly unparalleled experience in your vehicle.

KyeBriq Q2 Lite Wireless Carplay Adapter

KyeBriq R2-Lite Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Purchases a Divo android box during the December sales. Encountered some issues and contacted the seller. After sale service is definitely commendable. Seller is knowledgeable about product and readily provided the solution to my issue. The unit is working great without lag and i would recommend to anyone looking for an android box for carplay.

Alex Ang

Best money spend on my Avante CN7 till date. No longer the days where i need to listen the same old songs in thumbdrive or download from PC into thumbdrive, those are the old days. Now, everywhere I go I can simply touch on any songs I want to, can even play my wife or son favourite songs on the spot with simple autoconnect to my phone hotspot. What is there to ask for when you can have the spit screen as well which are useful if you are using Google map. 😃😇

Gary Soon

I purchased the device for my MY22 Kia Sorento GT and it's been exactly what I've wanted. Connectivity has been seamless and has great functionality compared to the base infotainment system. I recommend this product to anyone after a wireless android auto/carplay and streaming experience. Must also note the swift after sale service when I needed assistance.

Richard Edward